HOW TO JOIN (do NOT copy these instructions onto your webpage)

To become a member of OUR class at Explore Learning, go to the site by clicking on this link:

At the website, click on the 'Enroll in a Class Here' link as shown below:


Then, click on the 'click here to continue the enrollment..' purple link under 'No, I don't have a username and password':


I have created our class online so you need to enter one of the codes below where it asks for a 'Class Code'
Class Codes:
1st Period: XB96MFX7CR
2nd Period: ZKUKKHKQAQ
3rd Period: PW8K4RBGNM
4th Period: D2B8FXZQAC
5th Period: ES6APN4YUU

Hit the 'Enroll' button and you will be taken to a page where you have to create your username and password.
After that, you'll be logged in and will have access to the Gizmos that I have chosen for our class.